Mexico, 2015, Heart of Mexico project: I'll dawn a bee-keeper suite, enter the forests of the Yucatan, and endure whatever it takes to capture the moment!

Q & A

What is the most rewarding part of taking photos for you?

There's nothing better than hearing good stories. Whether in my life as a journalist or a portrait photographer, the pictures I make are really the result of listening and caring about people from all walks of life. We can learn so much from others, and we can heal through their life-lessons, their joys, and their sorrows.

What makes you different from other photographers?

I want to help people see. I consider my career in photography and journalism as a calling to tell the world a supernatural story about God's love and forgiveness. All of my work is part of a much bigger plan for my life. Through testimony, people will be able to know and unite under the truth. 

It's important to value the needs of others. I'm grateful to my parents, and to journalism for that.

What makes a photo shoot special? Why pay a photographer?

The photo shoot is an event that you shouldn't forget - the experience itself is meant to be memorable, making for great photos! A photo shoot is an opportunity to draw closer, laugh and reflect (and because I'm asking/helping you to!). Also, you gain a new friend (me!). I know how to bring out your best self by using motion, light and interaction.

What is the first step of a typical shoot?

After I hear from you, we will have a consultation before agreeing to do business. We can set up a time to meet in person, or talk on the phone or through e-mail about other details: photo-delivery time, number of outfits, and specific photo requests during the shoot. After agreeing to a shoot, I will write up a contract/invoice detailing the services requested for your signature or amendments.

How does the shoot flow and what should I expect?

Every shoot is different - whether it's newborns, engagements, head shots or families. Most of the work is done in advance, as we will decide on ideal locations with good window-light or outdoor scenery. The best times to shoot outdoors are either moments after sunrise or before sunset - the golden hour! Indoor photographs can be made between these times, and I can use flash as a portable studio. We will decide beforehand on a destination of your choice, and I can recommend locations. It's usually possible to visit a few spots within an hour, both indoors and outdoors, with a few outfit changes if desired. I'll watch the light and direct you when to pause and how to face the camera. We won't have to cover a ton of ground to make good pictures, but I'm willing to run and jump all over the place if you are!

What about weddings?

I consider weddings my specialty. I will coordinate with you and your wedding planner to ensure that the day flows smoothly and without anxiety. That last thing you need to worry about is the photographer!

It's ideal that I attend the rehearsal, but not necessary. I may also visit the location during the time of the wedding when available, to plan for the light. I can take photos or video of the wedding reception/rehearsal dinner for the same hourly rate - or for a greatly reduced rate if accommodations are provided (i.e. I've had the great pleasure of staying with the groomsmen. This was such a privilege and it allowed me to capture great, candid moments).

Photos on the day will typically begin as the groomsmen/bridesmaids get ready. If they are located long distances from each other, a second photographer may be needed (or I can jump over). I'll capture the bride as her stylists finish and she begins to dawn the dress. Group portraits of the first party ready can be made at this point, lasting about 15-30 minutes total. I will also capture individual portraits of the bride, then the groom before the ceremony begins or after (and together when desired). Family photos last up to 30 minutes and can be scheduled at least one hour in advance of the ceremony beginning, or shortly after the ceremony- typically the best setup. We will have a mini newlywed session immediately after the ceremony ends, or before if planning for a first-reveal.  Every wedding is little bit different and I will utilize the location to our advantage!

What's Next? Viewing Photos and Reproduction Rights

As a standard policy, wedding photos are typically made available within one week of capture (or 24-hour delivery for a single portrait session), with a DVD data-disc mailed to your address, a blog post for viewing online, as well as an album on my Facebook page. Also, photos will be available for download/sharing on a Dropbox or Google Drive, whichever is preferred. I do not provide prints unless requested. 

Any portrait session grants you rights to print photos, copy them for friends and family, and display them digitally - This does not mean owning the rights to the images. Restrictions include the sale of photos for profit, or to any agency which would profit from the use of the photo. Please notify me if any agency desires to print the photos, to prevent legal problems that might arise. I reserve the right to use images for my portfolio, competitions or advertising.