Tunkás is a small town, 26 km to the east of Izamal.

We had 3 hours to find 3 story ideas in the town where, for one week we will live with our subjects and our beds become hammocks. The town is very rural, but very welcoming.

I slurped down two bowls of caldo de pollo (con pasta) as David, one of our translators and a dear brother, led us in singing American songs in Spanish. We were introduced to the city councilman, a kind of mayor, and I knew we couldn't go anywhere else without talking to him first.

I asked "mayor" Reymundo what industry Tunkás was known for, and what he said made my eyes light up, and I gulped. I know we must follow this lead!

He is a beekeeper.

My assignment as a videographer was to produce a small clip including a 1) silhouette 2) rack-focus 3) abstraction 4) limited motion