Mérida /// Izamal

Here we go! The Heart of Mexico project for 2015 has begun! I'm privileged to be with a group of 17 students from both UNT and Mexico, producing stories on migration in the Yucatán península. We will be here for 25 days. 

You can view stories from the previous years, here

Five teams consisting of a multimedia/video producer, writer, photographer, and translator will spread out across Izamal to document stories related to a historic wave of migration of Maya and indigenous people to the United States. 

We will immerse and live with families for a week, following a week of training and intensive daily assignments. Then, a week of editing and production.

Our great staff: Dianne Solís, a writer with the Dallas Morning News for 15 years; Morty Ortega, multimedia journalist and communications director for the Alexia Foundation ; Harvard Nieman Fellow Kael Alford and of course, her husband (and UNT photojournalism professor) Thorne Anderson; and Lenin Martell, Project Director, teaches full time at the School of Political and Social Sciences in the University of the State of Mexico. 

It's the third year for HOM, and it's a little different this year. The project has expanded and we are joining hands with a willing anthropologist, Dr. Lewin Fisher.

Here are some photos from our recent expeditions and arrival!